Lottery and Casino Winnings – Not Always Cash in a Flash

Imagine your joy when, after years and years of buying your weekly ticket, you finally win the lottery. Or, perhaps, in one lucky pull, you hit the jackpot on the slots at the casino. In that instant you imagine all of your financial hardships vanishing before your eyes. You envision purchasing your dream home, or maybe using the money to start your own business.

It would no doubt be quite an exciting time. But imagine if, shortly after learning about your windfall, you are told that your winnings will not be paid out in one lump sum, but in relatively small annual payments. Do you then give up on that dream home, or that business?

Many casino jackpot and lottery winners have faced this disappointment when they realize that large prizes are usually not awarded all at once. The good news is that there are now other options for these lucky people. Cash advance providers can assist lottery, casino, and contest winners with getting their cash prizes immediately, rather than over 20 or more years. There are often various ways in which cash advance providers can get the money for the winners, with the best choice evaluated on an individual case basis.

One of the benefits of receiving a cash prize at once, rather than over time, is that it reduces the effect that inflation will have on the value of the award. Also, cash advance providers work very quickly, and can usually get the winners their cash within several weeks, allowing them to use their money as they wish and for what they wish, without having to throw away their dreams.The Andres Financial Group specializes in helping people with future payments get their money today. We have helped thousands of people get cash now for their future payment streams. The Andres Financial Group is a network of highly trained professionals that have over 30 years of combined experience in the buyout of future payment streams.


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